Bellow are a few videos that I have done from most recent to oldest:

“Where I Was” Video Teaser (2012)

Director’s Note:

I am also currently working on a video shoot for rapper J-Soma’s new song “Where I Was”. Though we are still in the process of filming this video, I edited together a teaser video for J-Soma’s promotional materials.

The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit (2012)

Director’s Note:

I’m currently working on filming and editing together a video series for The Brush Guard.


Capkins – Slept (Live At The Stork Club) (2012)

Director’s Note:

Capkins is a band that I am currently working with. This is one of the first videos I filmed for them.

Arnol Takes Pictures Of Flowers (2012)

Director’s Note:

I recently picked up a new camera, and was shooting some test footage of my friend Arnol taking pictures of flowers in Emeryville.

The Dark Knight Rises – Teaser Trailer (2012)

Director’s Note:

As a follow up to my previous re-edit of the trailer to The Dark Knight, I re-edited a trailer for the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. I wanted to give the trailer a more gritty interpretation.

Our First Communion Trailer (2012)

Director’s Note:

A family friend recently asked if I could film and edit their daughters first communion. At the moment I can’t post the entire video, but here is an edited down version exclusive to this website.

Downy Commercial Featuring Kate Upton (2012)

Director’s Note:

As an editing exercise I created a provocative mock commercial for a Downy product featuring model Kate Upton, and I made sure to keep it close to thirty seconds as possible.

Studio 52 – A Brief History (2011)

Director’s Note:

I’ve known Eric of Studio 52 for over seven years now. Photography was always a hobby of his and something he used to do for fun. But recently an opportunity arose for him to start his own photography studio, and become a photographer full time. When I approached him to do a professional portrait for this website, he asked if I could put together a video tour for him in return. It is really inspiring to see where he started, and where he is now, it’s something that I hope for with Different Cloud Imagery.

Darth Vader Tosses First Pitch (2011)

Director’s Note:

This was actually the first video I’ve made that went Viral. It was featured on a number of blogs including Conan O’Brien’s “It Came From The Interwebs”, as well as featured on the September 22nd episode of G4’s Attack Of The Show. This came together perfectly. I attended “Star Wars” night at the O.Co Coliseum (terrible name by the way), and they had Darth Vader throw out the first Pitch. Unfortunately for the guy in the Vader suit failed to throw the ball across the plate, then proceeded to raise his arms in the air. Fortunately for me, I caught it on film, all I had to do was find the audio, and 35,000 hits later. I have my most successful video.

The Dark Knight – Teaser Trailer (2011)

Director’s Note:

I love re-editing trailers. I love the idea of completely changing the perception of what a movie will be, by simply changing the trailer. I did a handful already, but I must say that my favorite one was my “Dark Knight” trailer re-edit. I wanted to simply remove the heroic theme that the trailers had, and replace it with something more sinister.

Poor Tele – 12: 04 Lyric Video (2010)

Director’s Note:

I love having multiple screens on a single video. I’ve been a fan of this small effect since I was a kid. To keep with Poor Tele’s theme of incoherence, I gathered a few pieces of stock footage that I had, and put it into the multiple screens. I have tested this effect a number of times, and I have to say that this video is my favorite attempt.

Poor Tele – David Lynch Auditions IV: The Quest For Peace (2009)

Director’s Note:

As part of a promotion for their then-upcoming release, I put together a vague experimental series of videos called the David Lynch Auditions. The series consisted of stock footage that featured small samples of the release. I had a great time putting this series together, it allowed me to throw out the rule book, and just create.

Fire Castle Magic (2006)

Director’s Note:

This was a fun one to shoot and edit. My friend Ryan who was a glowstringer at the time had begun firestringing (I.E. replace the glowstrings with fire). I jokingly said that I should make him a video using the Jimi Hendrix song “Spanish Castle Magic”. He loved the idea so I grabbed my camera, he gave a demonstration, and then I went home to edit.

Backseat: A Modern Day Silent Film (2005)

Director’s Note:

This one came together rather sporadically. It was also the first video I ever posted on YouTube.

I had recently purchased my first 1GB SD card, and wanted to test how much footage I could film in a single shot. When I looked over the footage, I felt that I had to do something with it, and I had the idea swriling around in my head to do a “Modern Silent Film”, and this is what ultimately came out.

It’s a bit faux-pretentious but looking back I still love this video.

The Prop 13. Theory (2005)

Directors Note:

I put this together for my senior project in high school. It was my first attempt at a serious documentary (prior to this I did short physical comedy videos).While it did help me pass, I felt that I could have done a much better job with this film. It really had no main point, and did not answer the questions it asked. From a technical stand point however, its pretty important, I learned narration, audio balancing, use of neutral footage, and furthered my editing skills.It’s imperfect, but an important step in my road to being a better video editor.

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